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Your Garden, Another Room of your House

Your Garden, Another Room of your House

If you’re getting your home ready for market once lockdown is over, don’t forget your outdoor space as well as your indoor rooms. A well-presented garden can sometimes be make or break to turn a viewer into a buyer, so it’s essential that you give it as much care and attention as the rest of the property.

As springtime blooms into summer, there’s no better time to start looking at what’s happening in your outdoor living space – and in the current lockdown situation, you’ll want to make the most of it for your own use, too! So for this post, we’ve spoken to home and property staging expert, Sue Chalmers.  Sue owns Willow and Hen Interiors, and has years of experience in designing indoor and outdoor spaces to be loved, enjoyed, and at their very best for market.

Here’s what Sue advises for making the most of your outdoor space as the weather gets warmer:


  • Outside space should be a continuation of your inside space, and reflect the style you’ve put into your interior. Don’t be afraid to bring in a few more vibrant colours than you would usually use indoors, though: bright greens, pinks and oranges occur beautifully in nature, so make the most of the natural colours available in border plants and pots.


  • Plants are essential, and you can add them even in the smallest spaces. There are so many different planters around, from the traditional terracotta and concrete, to rattan, zinc, and wood. Use different shapes and textures to give your outdoor living space a varied and natural atmosphere.


  • Your outdoor furniture should fit the space you have available. Cramming too much in will make the area look too small to hold it – so for the best effect for your viewers, less is definitely more. It will be much more pleasant to use, too – there’s nothing worse than falling off the edge of a patio because the table and chairs are too big!


  • Give it a good tidy up before photo shoots and viewings. It’s amazing how many people make the house immaculate, but forget to make the bin area tidy, or to store rubbish away in their garden. It’s pretty off-putting for a prospective buyer to encounter the bins in the front garden as they arrive, or for it to be the first thing you see when you open the back door.


  • Lighting – ambient lighting is great, and whether it has been wired into the house electrics or is solar powered, it will add intrigue and dimension to the garden when the sun goes down. Some wonderful marketing photos can be taken at dusk if your garden looks particularly striking. When you’re out there enjoying it, don’t forget candles and lanterns, with or without other lighting. They add so much essential atmosphere for outdoor living, especially citronella, which keeps the midges away.


  • If you have room for a gazebo, they are great for creating extra room with cover during the greyer days, and to protect you from the midday sun at the hottest times. Keep it simple for viewings and photo shoots, but for your own use you can let your imagination go wild – add day beds, canopied ceilings, fairy lights…whatever you fancy.


  • Always have a stock of cushions and throws to use outdoors. Cushions will add comfort and colour, and make the seating area look even more inviting. Throws are essential with the British weather, especially as dusk draws in. Have a basket just inside the door with throws that can be grabbed when the sun goes down.


When you are selling your home, the space you have outdoors can have a huge impact on the desirability of your property. Value it as highly as any other room in your house, and give it all the care and time you put into staging the rest of your rooms for those photos and viewings.

If you’d like more advice about selling in the current market, or how to prepare your house for selling at a future date, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as Lion Estates – we’re open, and here to help.

Sue and her beautiful range of products can also help you to make the most of your home garden this summer. Contact her for a complimentary consultation, via her website or Facebook page.



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