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The Importance of your Property’s Desirability – A Tale of Two Houses

When we value a home for market, we take so many things into account, just as you would expect – the property’s size, its location, where it is, and its overall condition being the main factors. When we carry out our valuations, we also offer advice about what our clients can do to get the maximum interest in their property.

We are often asked whether there is anything they can do to increase the value, and there are two answers that we give here: one is about how you can increase the value of your property, and the other is how you can affect its desirability. Both are important, and both can impact the final selling price, and the speed at which you sell too.

You can increase the value of your home by installing a new kitchen, or adding a conservatory; but increasing the value doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more likely to sell it. Increasing the desirability can be achieved much more cheaply – by replacing the carpets, or rearranging the furniture – and while won’t add any more numbers to your valuation, it could make a massive difference to the appeal and desirability of your property. The more desirable it is, the greater interest and viewings you will get, which in turn increases the number of offers you’re likely to get, and potentially the price you’re offered, if buyers are prepared to increase their offers to secure their purchase. So it could be argued that increasing the desirability of your home is even more important than increasing its value.

Here’s an example of what we mean:

Last year, a client with a three-bedroomed property in Newton Leys approached us. This property was only 5 years old, and we put it on the market for £300,000, looking to achieve £295,000. It was identical in size and layout to one a little further down the road, which was also on the market at the same price. As you can imagine, most viewers booked to see both houses, but the general feedback was that this other house was ‘nicer’, so we went for a look around the rival house ourselves, to see what they’d done differently.

We discovered that inside the property, the living area was arranged in a completely different way, giving a much stronger impression of space, light and flexibility. The furniture was placed to give a better flow through the house, and the dining table was in the living room, instead of the kitchen area, which also added to the feeling of a larger space.

Our client was overseas, so after consulting with them, we moved the furniture in their house ourselves, completely changing the layout to give a similar impression. We then had new photos, and re-launched the property, asking for offers in excess of £290,000. Within a week, there were three buyers with offers on the table, and it sold for £295,500.



“Dom is just ridiculously good at his job. Not just his ability to secure a sale, but his professionalism, communication style, passion for the areas in which he is selling and the way he goes totally above and beyond to help his clients. I’ve just exchanged with his help and I’ve never been happier for somebody to be paid for what they’ve done – he completely earns it. My sale was tricky for a variety of reasons and Dom was constantly putting forward suggestions to boost my chances and everything he did paid off. I wouldn’t even consider anybody else to sell a property in future. Amazing experience working with him! “
David Foster

You don’t have to spend a fortune to increase your property’s desirability. Making a few changes to the way the space is presented can make a huge difference to how potential buyers picture themselves in your home – and if they can do that, you’ve done all you can!

Give us a call today for your valuation, which always comes with a stack of advice on how to get the best out of your property, and everything it has to offer – that’s the result we really take pride in.






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